3D Printing Solutions for High-Scrap Assembled Cores

Kore Mart adopts S-Max® binder jet sand 3D printing system for top-quality cores that eliminate complex assemblies - even at serial production levels

Case Study: Kore Mart

Looking Ahead to the Next 150 Years with Binder Jet 3D Printing

Waupaca Foundry fuses tradition and technology by bringing binder jet sand 3D printing in-house

Case Study: Waupaca Foundry
Additive manufacturing of complicated sand cores for hydraulic rotary transmissions produced in iron sand casting

Additive manufacturing of complicated sand cores for hydraulic rotary transmissions

Consolidation of 12 shot cores into one printed core improves the core quality as well as eliminates laborious core assembling and fettling steps

Case Study: GF Casting Solutions Leipzig
Reverse Engineering and Topology Optimization with 3D Sand Printing

Reverse Engineering and Topology Optimization with 3D Sand Printing

Replacement of a welded steel agricultural machine construction with a topology optimized casting within one week

Case Study: ÖGI (Austrian Foundry Institute)
Topology Optimized Spring Cup for Rail Vehicles

Topology Optimized Spring Cup for Rail Vehicles

An award-winning research project of topology optimization enhancement with 3D sand printing for a lighter and longer lasting spring cup for rail vehicles

Case Study: MFL and ÖGI

Successful European Start-Up Supports 3D Printing for Foundries and Beyond

A completely digital workflow built around the ExOne S-Max® enabled start-up Zalewa Tec to quickly establish itself as a premium manufacturer of sand molds and cores

Case Study: Zalewa Tec

A Century of Experience Embracing Disruptive Metalcasting Technology

The entrepreneurial spirit of Grede, a 102-year-old iron foundry, leads to 3D printing innovations that exceed customer expectations

Case Study: Grede Iron Mountain

Digital scanning and S-Max 3D printer create casting of obsolete cylinder head

Speed 3D Mold uses binder jetting to cast a replacement gray iron cargo ship engine component without the cost and lead time of traditional tooling

Case Study: Speed 3D Mold

Complex Aircraft Door Hinge Cast in Magnesium with 3D Printed Core

Ventana optimizes the design of an aircraft door hinge to be cast in magnesium for significant weight savings and performance improvement

Case Study: Ventana Group

X1 ThermoForm Sand Tooling Proves Durability in Production

Original Appearance Manufacturing get products to market faster with cost-effective, precise, and durable rapid 3D printed sand tooling

Case Study: OAM X1 ThermoForm

Turning Sand into Sound: 3D Printed Speakers

How a small startup in Czechia is challenging the giants of the audio industry with the help of 3D printing

Case Study: Deeptime

3D Printing Quality Molds Cores Provides Competitive Advantage

Hoosier Pattern embraced additive manufacturing as the first pattern shop in North America to own and operate a sand 3D printer in-house. Today they have four ExOne binder jetting systems.

Case Study: Hoosier Pattern

Global Foundry Group Innovates with Sand 3D Printing to Grow Business

With nine decades of experience in sandcasting innovation, Kimura Foundry America places sand binder jetting at the core of its business to deliver top-quality rapid prototypes.

Case Study: Kimura Foundry America

Innovative and Sustainable: A Step into the Future with 3D Printing Technology

Eisengiesserei Mezger, a Swiss iron foundry, expanded its services with a highly automated 3D printing system from ExOne – making the jump into new markets.

Case Study: Eisengiesserei Mezger

3D Printing Technology Dramatically Improves Manufacturing of Impellers

ExOne’s binder jetting printing technique simplifies production at the world’s leading water technology company, Xylem.

Case Study: Xylem Water Solutions Manufacturing AB

Humtown Products and ExOne

How 3D printing transformed a family-owned manufacturer.

Case Study: Humtown Products

Reinventing Eco-Friendly Architecture and Upcycled Materials with ExOne Binder Jetting

Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture is shaping the future of building design with 3D printing of concrete and other recycled materials

Case Study: CMU School of Architecture

New Perspectives Through 3D Printing

The prototype casting company Grunewald in Bocholt, Germany, invested in an ExOne sand 3D printer at the end of 2018. After more than a year, the payoff has been substantial.

Neenah Foundry

3D printed core saves thousands in tooling costs and reduces lead time by weeks.

Andritz Ritz

Streamline product development with patternless process.

What is Binder Jetting?

Binder Jetting is an additive manufacturing process in which a liquid binding agent is selectively deposited to join powder particles.

Metal Part Finishes

ExOne offers a variety of finishes for metal 3D printing.

Fixture Manufacturer

Additive manufacturing offered a global kitchen and bath fittings manufacturer a faster way to develop new products.

German Automaker

German automotive manufacturer needed a way to quickly and economically produce complex prototypes.

Morel Industries

Complex digital core cuts lead time in half & saves thousands.

Pump Manufacturer

Save significant time and cost in spare part production.

PumpWorks Castings LLC

Complex mold production reduces lead time by 9 weeks & saves thousands.

Sand Mold Casting Applications

3D Printing Molds and Cores for Sand Casting Offers Design Freedom and Improved Efficiency

Speed Mold Co Ltd

澳门皇冠官方app 3D printing technology reproduced damaged impeller with high efficiency.

Standard Alloys

Manufacture a 57 inch impeller without a core box with ExOne's rapid casting process.

US Navy Compression Pumps

Reverse engineer compressor pump castings with 43 week reduction in lead time and 40% cost savings.

US Navy Naval Undersea Warfare Center

Cut costs, improve quality & shorten lead time on production.

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